Monday, October 14, 2013


How has your week been?
fairly uneventful this far
I made quite a lot of friends
we bonded over our hate of the movies
and yet its oddly refreshing
because you see how far you have come, how much you have learned
World too, it's changed a bit in five years.
Difficult to say isn't it. I guess that's just life.
Suppose that's a way to think of it.
don't worry, its happening to everyone
It's difficult keeping up
yes, yes it is
I think, I need to talk, to see someone right now, and then when they are there all I want is to leave. its terrible
being with other people is tough
I should try though I suppose
it was difficult being around people you don't know all the time
for a very extended period
meeting and talking to people
I feel
Mmm, I prefer to hide
Easier that way
its a human thing.
I don't want to be human though.
I can live with it though, I mean there's not really any other option.
Well people are bastards, just generally speaking.
What other's think shouldn't really matter,
I'm just so sick of it
and from your friends, no less
if it was anyone else I wouldn't give a shit
I mean everyone is afraid they are doing the wrong thing.
there is nothing holding us back, we can do anything we want to, really
Exactly, anything. That's the scary bit.
Well there's a simple thing about those naysayers, fuck 'em.
World will keep turning like it always has.

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