Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An old fear

The sky darkened
as a new snow fell
The people awoken to see
What would be a miracle

Snow in summer
Such a pleasant surprise
And bright too
Even at night
Such a strange sky
Blood red

This was no new snow though
As tongues turned up at the sour
new taste
The children complain
of burning
then the fear sets in

It won't be long now
The sirens scream
like vultures
alerting the prey to
their fate

No need to run
No need to hide
So the children
and the parents
and the lonely souls
and they wait
until the sirens stop

Monday, February 3, 2014

Long time no writing

You know what the worst thing in the world is?
not that
not genocide
those are all awful
but I'm terribly selfish
The worst thing in the world
is dreaming
not of the future
the past
or the present
not really

It is
dreaming of those we lost
like they're alive
they've come back
But not really
it's all a fucking lie
and when you wake up
then it really hits you
Like the worst thing in the world.